Hi there fellow Canine Friends,
My name is Ranger and you may have seen me patrolling the property here at The Palms. I report to my superintendent human, Clayton and I’m a very friendly German Shepard that gets along great with all my human and furry friends! Part of my job is to make sure all you pets out there stay safe and adhere to the Palms Golf Club rules and etiquette! Here’s what you need to know:

  • First and foremost, paws off the Greens, Tees and Fairways! Not only is it bad etiquette, but it’s just not safe as golf courses often use products and chemicals that may not be healthy for us pampered pets, especially since we like to lick our paws!
  • None of us like to see walls and fences! The Palms Golf Club has put white stakes as boundaries that help let us know where we can and where we can’t roam. As long as we stay where we are supposed to, the course won’t have to block the views with fencing, so let’s not spoil it!
  • It doesn’t look all that hard to me, but believe it or not, most humans seem to have a hard time controlling that little white golf ball! Make sure you stay on your side of the white posts so that you don’t get hit by an errant shot!
  • If for some reason your human insists you go out on the course (even though you know that’s not allowed), make sure they pick up after you – it’s just common sense.
  • Keep your human on a leash at all times!
  • Golf balls may look appetizing, but trust me, they are harder than a jaw breaker! If I were you, I wouldn’t go near them and besides, it much more fun to watch the humans searching all over for them!
  • Finally, if your human is a Club Member or Social Member, there will be plenty of social events planned during the year where we pets can mix and mingle with each other!